Membrane Bioreactor

As an MBR membrane manufacturer, Rosun provides types of MBR at a competive wholesale MBR membrane price. MBR reactor (Membrane Bio-reactor) is a membrane separation technology with biological degradation. The membrane module can take the places of the secondary sedimentation tank, a large number of microorganisms are intercepted, which can increase the quantity of microflora, improve the sewage treatment capacity and efficiency, so that the effluent quality and volume load have been greatly improved, and the water can be used as reclaimed water. Contact our MBR flat sheet membrane manufacturer now!

The core component of the MBR reactor is high-performance submerged membrane components. Compare with the traditional method (pressure filter), the MBR filter membranenegative pressure suction type filtering method using aeration to operation a sable membrane filter in the system.

MBR Reactor Technical Process and Comparison

The pollutant in sewage water will firstly biodegradation in a bioreactor, at the same time, because of the function of the pressure difference, the water, and some small-molecule solute which smaller than the aperture of the MBR filter membrane in the mixed liquid will pass the membrane, and then become the treated water.

Microorganisms and macro solute will be intercepted by the membrane, so it replaced the sedimentation tank by complete its water treatment and separate function.

Membrane Bioreactor Working Principle

Use the PVDF as the main material, Rosun flat sheet membrane with good stability of chemicals used in wastewater treatment, fouling resistance, and mechanical strength, has different types of membrane bioreactor processes principles and applicationsaccording to its efficacy area.

Membrane Biological Reactor Wastewater TreatmentAdvantages

Advanced material:

The main material of the MBR filtration is PVDF, which has excellent chemical stability, permeate flux, permeate quality, and fouling resistance.

Better outlet water quality:

As one of leading MBR membrane manufacturers, the pore size of Rosun flat sheet membrane is around 0.1micron, and with advanced membrane technology increased the effective orifice area of the membrane surface then leads to excellent permeate flux and permeate quality. The output water can be reused directly.

Water quality

Traditinal technology

MBR technology

COD ( mg / L )



BOD ( mg / L )



TSS ( mg / L )


<1(near zero)

Turbidity ( NTU )



Bacterial ( MPN / L )



Higher activated sludge adaption of Membrane Bioreactor:

Compared with the hollow fiber curtain membrane whose activated sludge adaption is only 4000-6000mg/L, Rosun flat sheet membrane can adapt 8000-15000mg/L activated sludge.

Longer service life and lower price:

Compared with hollow fiber curtain membrane, Rosun flat sheet have a longer service life of 3-6 years at lower mbr membrane pricecompared with 1-3years of service life of hollow fiber curtain membrane .

Less land space:

The MBR reactor tank can replace the function of a secondary sedimentation tank with an anaerobic tank, it can save 30% of land space.

Easy to operate and maintenance:

The flat sheet membrane can be just replaced a single damaged piece without change the holder when damage and replacement, replace just need 15 minutes.

Bioreactor Integrated MBR Water Treatment System

Membrane Bioreactor Processes Principles and Applications

Basic Components:

Pre-Treatment Tank

Inner Ladder

Sludge Pump

Reaction Tank

MBR Membrane Module

Recycled Tank

Lift Pump

Air Distributor

PLC System

Disinfection Device

Control Room

MBR Reactor Design Module

Rosun MBR membrane module is combined with the membrane element box and the aeration box. The membrane outlet is combined by a water collection tube in the membrane element box, and each membrane element can be individually installed and unloaded for easy maintenance. For the upgrade of traditional technology, just install the MBR filter membrane module in the aeration tank is ok.

Membrane Biological Reactor Wastewater TreatmentApplication Cases:

Domestic Sewage Hospital Sewage

Landfill Leachate Laundry Sewage

Printing&Dyeing Sewage

Steel Circulating Water

Electroplating Sewage Tobacco Sewage

Domestic and Sewage Treatment Industry

Municipal sewage treatment and water reuse

Sewage treatment and water reuse

Hospital wastewater and water reuse

Residential area, school, scenic-tourist areas sewage treatment, etc.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Industry

Chemical, petroleum, chemical fiber wastewater treatment

Garbage leachate treatment

Pesticide Pharmaceutical high concentration organic wastewater treatment

Slaughter, livestock manure, food processing wastewater treatment

Brewing, beer wastewater treatment


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