Chemical name: Pentamethyl-Dipropylene-Triamine

Trade brand: WHAMINE 50

CAS No.: 3855-32-1

Molecular formula: C11H27N3

Molecular weight: 201.35

Synonyms: N,N,N',N',N" - Pentamethyl dipropylene triamine

Pentamethyl-Dipropylene-Triamine is one of the polyurethane catalysts with a fishy smell.

Properties Of Pentamethyl-Dipropylene-Triamine


Appearance: Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid

Boling Point: 239.2°C

Flash point: 92

Density: 0.85

Refractive Index: 1.465

Solubility: Pentamethyl-Dipropylene-Triamine is soluble in water.

Application Of Pentamethyl-Dipropylene-Triamine

Pentamethyl-Dipropylene-Triamine is a low gas foaming / gel balance catalyst, it can be used in polyether polyurethane soft foam, polyurethane rigid foam and coating, adhesive, etc., especially suitable for cold molding HR foam. The foam has good porosity and excellent performance in the manufacture of Maxfoam foaming process.

Package And Storage Of Pentamethyl-Dipropylene-Triamine

170kgs or meeting the request of the customers. Pentamethyl-Dipropylene-Triamine should be stored for one year in a shady room and dry place.

Amines and amine derivativeshave a wide range of biological functions, and play an essential role in biology in the form of an amino acid. Our amine derivatives products are widely used in industrial cleaning, personal care, disinfection, agricultural chemicals, pharmaceutical markets and so on.

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