PC4200 Power Amplifier

PC4200Power Amplifier


● LCD display, clear status indication

● 2000 W& 100V, 70V Rated power output and 4 Ohms rated impedance outputs (balanced, no ground)

● XLR socket and 6.3mm jack for additional mixer or amplifier link

● Output short circuit protection & alarm

● Provide data communication with Pc10 series rack system

● Remote control through management software

● Series amplifier of high output power available

● Short-circuit,over-current,over-load,over-heat warning and protection,distortion indication


This high power amplifier is designed for commercial and industrial public address applications. Rack mount design in 2U type and rated power is 2000W.

Both balanced and unbalanced line inputs for each channel make it selectable for installer, balanced line output feeds to another power amplifier as well as secures the signal transmission is less noise and longer distance. 70V, 100V and 4 Ohm speaker outputs are convenient for installation when selection different speaker matching. A master volume control is included. Complete protection includes clip, short circuit, high temp and overload. Indications for power, signal, clip, protection and temp.

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