Fruit & Vegetable Mesh Bags

Fruit mesh bags are also named garden netting bags, which are used for fruits and vegetable protection, such as mango, dragon fruit, tomato, eggplant, cucumber and so on. Fruit netting bags for safe and effective barrier excludes many types of pests, including insects, aphids, birds, and other animals. The mesh size of the fruit protection mesh bagsis 0.03x0.03in, which is made of soft, stretchy and strong material. Such fruit tree protection bagsare reusable. With rope on the edge, our fruit protection bags for sale are easy to install and provide a well-protected environment.

Applications of Fruit Netting Bags

Fruit cover bags can also be used in all growing seasons or collection seeds. As a profassional manufacturer of fruit bag netting, we supply a series of fruit netting bags for different fruit planters, including mesh bags for grapes, mesh bags for tomatoes, banana protection bags, blueberry bush netting bags, mango fruit protection bags, pomegranate protection bags, and so on. Fruit bags for fruit on trees can keep out birds and insects and maximize the protection of plant fruits.

Advantages of Mesh Bags for Fruits and Vegetables

As one of the leading agricultural netting manufacturersand plastic netting manufacturer, Meyabond supplies horticultural netting, agricultural insect netting, bags to cover fruit on trees, fruit and vegetable netting, vegetable protection mesh and etc. Contact us to know more.


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Fruit & Vegetable Mesh Bags
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