Strong Fishing Magnets

A strong salvage fishing neodymium magnet is specially designed base on neodymium pot magnet, which provides the best solution for underwater magnet fishing. Fishing magnets are also known as search magnets or strong salvage magnets.

The high powered magnets for fishing are salvage magnets which can provide the strongest magnetic force. The high powered magnets for fishing are assembled with strong fishing magnets and good magnetic conductive material. The magnetic conductive material assures the maximum magnetic force on the magnetic pole, and also protect the powerful fishing magnets from damage. There is no magnetic field on the non-working surface, just single pole magnets assembly in fact. The detailed structure can be known from the product picture and drawing.

Our strong fishing magnets for sale currently include single side search magnets and double sides search magnets.

Features of Strong Salvage Magnet

1. The magnetic holding force is very strong.
2. The products are easy to take and convenient for using.
3. Half-closed magnetic circuit design, the magnetic field is strong, there is no outside leakage for magnetic line.
4. Durable ring bolts are used for strong salvage magnet
5. The gap is filled with epoxy glue to be waterproof.

How to Choose the Right Size Strong Salvage Fishing Neodymium Magnet?

Choosing a strong salvage magnet reasonably can make the fishing operation run smoothly and even save the cost. The most important thing is to know the shape and approximate weight of the salvaged object. We offer the size table of our fishing magnets. There are magnetic force information for each size. We have several types of 900lb and 1000 lb fishing magnet for sale.

Type of Strong Fishing Magnets

The neodymium magnets for fishing should be strong enough, as rare earth magnets which have the highest magnetic energy product,neodymium magnets are the

strongest and best type of magnets available for magnets fishing. Meankoffer full range of types and size for powerful fishing magnets for sale.

Application Of Strong Salvage Fishing Neodymium Magnet

For professional magnet fishing staffs, they can find objective easily with powerful fishing magnets help. Non-professional staffs can use the strong fishing magnets to salvage metal parts from the river, through which they earn much money, the strong salvage magnets almost become to be the tools for reaching the treasure. The strong salvage fishing neodymium magnets served human many years and have been an important partner for certain field.

A strong salvage magnet can be also used by people who want to get rich and search beaches with the help of it, everybody knows that it is embankments where people loose most of their jewelry – these are rings, pendants, chains, earrings, bracelets and much other stuff. This is the origin of treasure salvage magnets. The strong fishing magnets are also used for cleaning sand from metal pollution, which is a common practice in sand pits.


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