Powerful LED Beauty Device SR-11AR

This handheld 3-LED-light face beauty device provides facial tightening therapy and can also be used as an infrared face skincare treatment. This LED light beauty devicecan provide professional therapy for all kinds of facial problems and even be effective for acne scar removal. In addition, a replaceable light panel is also equipped within this infrared beauty device. We have many waterproof skincare devices. For more facial skin care devices, please contact us now and check!

Increase collagen fivefold

Improves acne-prone skin

Reduces pigmentation

LED Ultrasonic Facial Therapy Beauty Device SR-11AR Features

01Powerful LED Therapy

The non-thermal color skin rejuvenation technology employed by the 11AR infrared beauty device makes you more beautiful.

02LED Green Light

With fair complexion 525 nm wavelength, this LED ultrasonic facial therapy device can deal with pigmentation and sunburn to promote skin beautiful white and tender

03LED Red Delicate Skin

Delicate skin660-850 nm wavelength of this LED facial equipmentcan improve the skin's young luster.

04LED Blue Light

The LED blue light of our LED beauty device can use 418 nm wavelengths to reduce acne distress.

05Powerful LED Therapy New Upgrade

High Energy Light Source of Ace-Tec ultrasonic facial beauty devicecan deeply reach the bottom of the skin and make it become more elastic

Do LED Skin Tightening Devices Work?

The answer to this question is a big "yes". The effects of LED ultrasonic facial therapy deviceis truly remarkable, as it can provide effective solutions for skin problems. Generally speaking, the LED ultrasonic facial therapy device will use specific wavelength/high output power to illuminate the skin. After the skin absorbs the specific light signal, it will be converted into a chemical signal to promote cell metabolism. Red LED light wrinkle anti-aging, blue LED light can acne and anti-inflammatory, and yellow and green light whitening spots.

Ace-Tec is a reliable beauty equipment supplier, we provide facial beauty equipment, facial cleansing device, face cleansing brush machine, led light face device, led blue light facial brushand etc. Want to know more about ace tec com? Contact us now.


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