SVT-750 Army Canteen Bottle

SVT-750 army canteen bottleis practical and durable for its high-quality stainless steel material and lightweight design. The thickened lid is wear-resistant and drop-resistant. And the thickened camouflage pot cover makes it easy to carry. It is the best selection for you to take the metal military canteenoutside. Contact us for more military canteen water bottle info!

Features Of SVT-750 Army Canteen Bottle

Design concept

The kettle carried by the US Army is practical, but it is not a vacuum. It's a big sales point to make a vacuum canteen for travel, with a compass to the lid, a stainless steel pot for a barbecue at the bottom, and a colorful backpack. In the beginning, Mr. Berger, who is the general manager of Solid drew a sketch of the canteen. After several years of continuous program adjustment and structural research and development, this military canteen bottle was finally produced in 2015 and won the German "iF" design award in March 2016.

Design patent, exclusive creation

Design patent, won the international design authority Award "IF Design Award";

The material of the product: SUS 304 stainless steel PP material Both of them are for food contact, safe and healthy;

Double-wall vacuum canteen has a good performance in terms of comfort and practicality.

Humanized design, close-fitting arc

The army canteen bottle is lightweight and the appearance of the body is curved, which can be much better to fit the body to avoid swaying while walking than the traditional kettle.

Survival in the wild

The thickened lid is wear-resistant and drop-resistant, with a compass on the top of the lid to show direction for outdoor sports

The lid can be used as an independent cup with 100ml capacity. It is formulated according to the reasonable amount of drinking water required by the human body after exercise. We advocate a scientific and healthy drinking concept;

The inner stopper is made of PP material for food contact and has concave and convex damping stripes on the side, which increases the friction of the hand and is easy to pour without unscrew totally. There is prompt information such as the direction at the top.

Outdoor camping

The bottom of the product is detected to meet the needs of outdoor sports enthusiasts

The bottom of the body is one small lunch box, it can be cooked directly with a handle. Users can both cook meals and boil water within this canteen. It is a good partner for an outdoor traveler.

Camouflage style bag

Thickened camouflage pot cover, easy to carry, Like one elf in the jungle;

Double-layer Oxford camouflage cloth bag, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant;

Drawstring design makes it easy to access the product.

Widened strap design, can also be stored, high outdoor activity comfort.

Specifications of SVT-750 Army Canteen Bottle











Temperature retention


Packing Size




What is Army Canteen Bottle ?

The military canteen bottle is the canteen used for drinking water by soldiers, and it is an essential equipment for military combat exercises. When going out to fight a long distance, even if food is temporarily short, it is necessary to reserve enough water.

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