Color Masterbatch

As one ofmasterbatch suppliers, Anmei serves customers with tailored-making solutions from standard colors to customized colors and functions. There are different types of color masterbatch such as white masterbatch, black masterbatch, blue masterbatch, red masterbatch, green masterbatch and yellow masterbatch. And what we can offer you are:




Will the use of masterbatch increase production costs?

The production cost is composed of all aspects.Master batchescan maintain the superfine pulverized state of the basic pigment to achieve high tinting strength and stability of color matching in order to produce high-quality dense color products, which cannot be achieved by pure toner. And the masterbatch can be 100% put into use without waste. In terms of effect, the masterbatch has a certain economic effect. As one of the reliable color masterbatch manufacturers, Anmei provides high-quality color masterbatch at a reasonable price.

Masterbatch ratio and economic value maximization

1/25 is the most widely used ratio. Used in all kinds of plastic products, suitable for all kinds of equipment.

In terms of cost, colour master batch with a low ratio is cheaper, but the proportion of use is large, so the actual cost is high. While a high proportion of color masterbatch, because of the large amount of basic pigments, the proportion of production is small. So the actual cost is low.

Benefits and Advantages of Masterbatch-using

The masterbatch is composed of colorant, carrier and dispersant. Advantages of using masterbatch:

Making the pigment have better dispersibility in the product.

Ensuring the stability of the product color, and improve the masterbatch consistency and process stability.

Avoiding environmental pollution because of using cleaner production and economy-saved ingredients.

Easier to addantibacterial masterbatchtechnology, and with safer handling of hazardous materials.

There are many plastic colorant suppliers, but we are one of the best choices for you.


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