Fractional Galvanometer

A large number of studies have shown that the lattice pattern, the point density, the size and depth of the microholes all directly affect the therapeutic effect, so how to control the lattice pattern to achieve the best therapeutic effect is an important development direction of the lattice laser technology. The lattice system transmits data through Ethernet ports to achieve accurate control of spot density, laser energy and scanning area to meet the needs of different clinical conditions. Different lasers can be adapted by changing the galvanometerscanning mirror. Circuit board performance is very stable, professional radiation test and EMC test have reached level B (civil level), can effectively avoid the occurrence of accidents.

Characteristics of Digital and Analogue Control Systems

Adopt analog and digital control system, and with multiple alarm and emergency processing functions to ensure the normal operation and safe use of the equipment.

Each system has different treatment options, including cosmetic dot-matrix mode, gynecological mode, and surgical cutting mode.

The smart design provides varieties options of spot shapes, sizes, density and energy.

Using non-sequential scan, greatly reducing the thermal damage to the surrounding tissue, and accelerating the healing under the premise of guaranteeing the curative effect.

With imported aerospace plug for convenient maintenance and the replacement.

Specifications Of Fractional Galvanometer



Working Temperature (℃)

0 ~ 45

Nonlinearity (%)


Setting Time (ms)



Gain Drift (PPM/℃)


Offset Drift (μRad /℃)


Long-Term Drift Over 8 Hours (mrad)


RMS Current (a)

Peak Current (a (max))

Maximum Scan Angle (°)


Storage Temperature (℃)

-10 ~ +50

Resolution (μrad)


Repeatability (μrad)


Input Aperture (mm)

Beam Displacement (mm)

Weight (g)


Frequency (hz)

≤500(The Input Command Is A Sine Wave, And The Motor Swing Angle Is ±4°.)

If you want to know more about what is the difference between analog and digital technology systems, please visit our website.

Hans scannerhas a strong R&D team of structure design, software, hardware, optics, electronics and process, and has obtained a number of utility model and invention patents. It focuses on new markets and new applications, is close to customers, serves customers, and is committed to meeting customers' requirements for high-performance galvanometer systems.


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