F-theta Lens

FTheta Lens Definition

HansscannerF-Theta lens series products are the most commonly used parts in the laser field. After our continuous improving and updating, we have improved its quality, following the development direction of international industrial laser cutting, and has developed a series of products. In addition to regular marking F-theta lens, there are water-cooled f theta scan lensfor higher power, as well as for faster pulses of ultra-fast lasers. Common f-θ lenscan be widely used in various laser application fields such as laser marking, engraving and scribing.

Key Features Of F-theta Lens

Han's Scanner f theta lens wikiseries products suitable for different laser wavelengths: 1064nm, 532nm and 355nm. In laser applications of different wavelengths, a series of products with different focal lengths, entrance pupil diameters, and powers are subdivided. According to the latest laser application trend, the flysecond optical system for ultrafast laser is developed.

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