Free Standing Wiper Holder Stand

JinYu HSD - Eco is a floor standing wiper holder stand with a snap open sign frame at the top side, ideal for promotional messaging. On the bottom of the wipe stand is a square weighted base to prevent tipping. This stand up stations sanitizer / stand up sanitizer/sanitiser dispenser free standing has a height adjustable supporting pole. The telescopic pole allows for height adjustment, so this floor standing sanitiser/floor standing sanitiser dispenser can be used with adults or children. Being a pedestal display, this self standing hand sanitizer dispenser/sanitiser dispenser will take up a fraction of your lobby, office, school or store while providing effective germ control.

Product Code: HSD - Eco

Color: Silver

Size: 30cm*34cm*160cm

Placement Style: Floor Standing

Package: Carton

Advantages of HSD-Eco freestanding sanitiser dispenser
Ideal for used as sanitizing wipe dispenser floor stand.

Height adjustable.

Heavy weight base to keep this stand stable.

Can be used with any brand of wipes.

Durable metal construction.

Snap frame poster ideal for messaging promotional.

Applications of HSD-Eco Free Standing Wiper Holder Stand

Offices, homes.

Halls, schools.

Churches, stadiums.

Shopping centers, etc.

Technical Data and Dimensions of HSD-Eco Free Standing Wiper Holder Stand

Size Weight MOQ
30cm*34cm*160cm 4.5kg 200pcs

Jin Yu isa professional banner stand company, we provide Custom Pop Up A-Frame Banner, panel light box, shield sanitizer dispenser,touchless hand sanitizer with stand, hand sanitizer dispenser on stand,

Inkjet Photo Paper, etc. For more information, please feel free to contact us!


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