Profile Bending Machine

The hydraulic profile bending machineis special high-efficiency processing equipment for the bending of various profiles such as angle steel, channel steel, I-shaped copper, flat surface, square tube, round tube, etc. The cnc profile bending machine can complete the end pre-bending and coiling of various profiles He-shaped and hu-shaped workpieces are widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, hydropower, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, steel structure construction and other industries. Overview of the structure of the profile bending machine for sale. The machine is an arc downward adjustment structure, the upper roller shaft is fixed, and the two lower spokes respectively make 35 lines of lifting movement around a central shaft relative to the upper spoke shaft. Its function is mainly to pre-bend the end of the profile and the bending profile is bent and deformed, and at the same time, the two lower spokes are also the main driving shafts, which are driven by a hydraulic motor, so that the bent and deformed profile is rolled into shape. In order to prevent the deformation of the profile during the bending process and improve the bending accuracy of the profile, two rollers and rollers are added, which can move up and down vertically to adapt to the profile of different specifications and different bending radii.

The 180-profile bending machine is a downward-adjustable three-spoke bending machine. The bed is a steel plate structure and is treated to eliminate internal stress. The transmission of the main report is transmitted to the power through the hydraulic system through the hydraulic motor, gears, and sprocket for rotating motion. . The two side rollers move in an arc around the central axis. The power transmitted by the hydraulic motor and gears through the hydraulic profile bending machine system and the main stop rotate at the same time. The support rollers are installed on the side caps so that the support report and the side spokes do at the same time. Arc movement to ensure the precision of the rolled profile. According to the requirements of the site and profile, it can be installed vertically or horizontally.

The machine produced by ezhong, a profile bending machine factory, is a kind of special high-efficiency metal fabrication equipment for bending angle steel, channel steel, I-shaped steel, flat steel, square steel, round copper and other special-shaped steel. Round process. This bending machine is advanced in structure, reliable in work, small in size and complete in functions. It is currently the most advanced profile forming equipment domestic and overseas. EZHONG is a professional profile bending machine manufacturer, and we have high quality profile bending machines for sale, welcome to contact us for second hand bending machine price.

The Specification of CNC Profile Bending Machine

The Details Of EZHONG CNC Profile Bending Machine

- It is an arc downward adjustment type three-spoke profile bending machine, which can complete the functions of rounding, arcing, and rounding of various profiles at one time. (Note: When the precision of the rolled profile is high, a special mold must be prepared. If the accuracy is appropriately relaxed, a general mold can be used to complete the rolling.)

- The CNC profile bending machine body adopts steel welded parts, all of which have undergone annealing and other heat treatment processes. It is a closed frame structure. The position of the upper roller is fixed. The two lower rollers can move in an arc around the fixed center of rotation. All three rollers are active rollers. Its power is provided by a hydraulic motor, which can be rotated in both forward and reverse directions; the lifting of the two lower rollers is hydraulically driven, which is stable in transmission, safe and reliable; the supporting roller devices on both sides of the upper roller are beneficial to control the rolling accuracy of the profile. The two lower rollers are equipped with display devices.

- Three-roller full drive system, the upper and lower working rolls of the hydraulic profile bending machine are all active caps. In this way, the "cancellation" phenomenon that may occur during the rolling process can be avoided. The linear speed of the upper and lower working spokes is automatically matched by the hydraulic system during the rolling process. The rotary motion of the profile bending machine is equipped with a braking device to ensure accurate positioning during the work rolling. The device runs smoothly, and the rolling is flexible and reliable.

- The main function of the hydraulic system is to drive the rotation movement of the upper and lower rollers, the lifting movement on both sides, and the tracking of the supporting rollers. The entire hydraulic system has a reasonable design, reliable work, and is equipped with high-precision oil suction and return filters to ensure the cleanliness of the system oil. The cylinder valve group and hydraulic pipeline adopt quick-fit joints used in metallurgical mines and have reliable radial seals to ensure that the entire hydraulic system has no leakage. The main valve groups in the hydraulic system are all high-quality products from Northern Taiwan Precision Machinery. The pumps, oil filters, motors, and seals are all made by domestic famous brand manufacturers with stable performance and reliable quality. All hydraulic components are tested and screened before entering the factory of ezhong profile bending machine manufacturer to eliminate hidden troubles in advance.

Options of Profile Bending Machine

■Steel structure bed and eliminate stress.

■Special hardened and ground shaft.

■Mobile console.

■Bidirectional hydraulic side guide shaft.

■Two-speed working system.

■Standard 3+3 manual side support.

■Specially designed box conversion type profile bending machine for sale, the upper shaft can move up and down, and the two lower shafts can move left and right.

■Pressure adjustment for thin and high-precision materials.

■Infinitely variable speed adjustment.

■Various types of pipes, profile molds and HEB, IPN and UPN beam accessories are available according to customer needs.

Safe Operation Notes of EZHONG Profile Bending Machine

  1. cnc profile bending machineso that the center of gravity of the mold and the center of the pressure head is in a straight line; the planes of the upper and lower molds must be in close fit with uniform clearance and check that the upper mold has sufficient stroke.

The Advantages Of Profile Bending Machine

The -3 axis is driven by a hydraulic motor and a planetary reducer

Steel structure bed and eliminate stress

Special hardened and ground shaft

Standard hardened mold (flat steel, angle steel, square steel, etc. can be bent)

Mobile console

Horizontal and vertical working methods

Digital display (3 groups)

Bidirectional hydraulic side guide shaft

Two-speed working system

Standard 3+3 manual side support

Specially designed box conversion type machine, the upper shaft can move up and down, and the two lower shafts can move left and right

Pressure adjustment for thin and high-precision materials


Infinitely variable speed adjustment

-3+3 hydraulic support

CNC automatic control

Various types of pipes, profile molds and HEB, IPN and UPN beam accessories are available according to customer needs

Using integral steel plate welding, thick and beautiful, good stability

The profile bending machine is manufactured in accordance with EC safety standards and has CE certification

The Application Of Profile Bending Machine

EZHONG CNC profile bending machine for sale can complete the pre-bending, rolling and rounding procedures of the profile at one time; the profile bending machine has advanced structure and full functions and can be placed vertically or horizontally according to the user's use. It is a more advanced cnc profile bending machine in the 21st century, which is widely used in the production of various circular flanges in automobiles, elevators, petroleum, chemical, steel structures, machinery manufacturing, etc., and other industries.

Hubei Heavy Equipment Co. Ltdis an independent operating company of EZHONG Group, which gathered the marketing, production, and technology of EZHONG as the company's operating team, and the new operation mode is adopted to recreate the new glory of EZHONG.


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