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Since 2007 Champion was founded, its goal was always being the leading manufacturer in the LCD field, which made us keep on providing the best products with the best quality based on scenario application design. During 14 years of development, Champion has built the whole range of commercial display advertising signage, basing on different installation methods, different application situations, different display technology, etc. Our product got very good reputation from customers all over the world for its fashion design practical usage and cost-effective solution.

Scenario design always being our advantage thoughts for customers' requirement, which has brought us big difference from other suppliers, all of our products were designed perfectly suited to the application situations with the best presentation for products.

Champion is a professional digital display supplierthat offers various high-quality LCD screens and intelligent digital signages. We are able to offer simple digital signage solutionfor enterprise use, industrial use, and simple use. Different digital media display screensavailable here for sale including LCD touch screen, android based digital display signages, wholesale is also available. Here you can find many digital signage options at a cheap price/cost, you can also be creative and innovative and custom your own digital signage player.

advantage of Champion LCD Display Signage

With our “Scenario” core design concept, all of the customized requirement will be taken into consideration for every order from our customers, by combining our resources and rich ODM /OEM experience we will offer the best solution for customers all over the world.

Strict quality control process

We built a very strict quality control system to guarantee the best quality for every order, with an experienced QC team and various of testing equipment, we tested the quality for every display, from the beginning to the last step for picking up.

Rich OEM/ ODM service experience

Based on our core “scenario” thoughts ,almost every order was designed according to the application situation. which get the best fit for every application situation.during 14 years development, our customers has covered around 20 different industries.

Fast delivery and reliable after-sale service

With 14,000 m2 production base, 8 semi-auto production lines, we get strong production capability and always keep good stock lever and offer products within very short lead time, for products in stock we offer 3 days lead time with 2days aging test. 24*7 online training and technical support to solve problems whenever you needed!

Cost effective project solution

Rich resource in LCD commercial display area, we can get the best resolution for customers with resource beyond normal field limitation ,with all resource combined customers can get their products with most cost effective.

Shenzhen Champion New Media Technology Co., Ltdis a professional lcd screen supplier, we provide userful digital signage, cheap digital display, cheap lcd touch screen, high quality lcd screenand etc. Want to know interactive whiteboards in the classroom price or more? Contact us.


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