CAPSO sodium salt is a zwitterionic biological buffer, which belongs to one of Good's buffers. Its effective pH range is 8.9-10.3, and it belongs to a weak alkaline buffer. For the preparation of CAPSO buffers for western blotting and immunoblotting experiments as well as protein sequencing and identification.

CAPSO-Na Buffer Product Introduction

Introduction: CAPSO sodium salt is often used as a buffer in biological and biochemical research, and has a wide range of applications in biochemical analysis and in vitro diagnostic industries. It is non-toxic to cells, so it can be used as a buffer in cell culture media, and can also be used in electrophoresis and chromatography.

Detailed introduction of CAPSO-Na Buffer

CAPSO sodium salt is a very important buffer in biochemical experiments. The full Chinese name is 3-(cyclohexylamino)-2-hydroxy-1-propanesulfonic acid sodium salt, and its pKa value at 25°C is 9.6. Its appearance is a white powder. The solubility of CAPSO sodium salt in water is better than that of other buffers. Every 5g of powder can be dissolved in 100ml of water.

Product Advantages of CAPSO-Na Buffer

The product performance is stable and the purity reaches 99%;

White powder, colorless and transparent solvent after dissolving;

High water solubility;

The pH stability of the solution is good;

Low complexation with most metal ions;

It can keep the ionic strength within the physiological range and prevent the protein from combining with other ions to form insoluble products.

Desheng's advantages in CAPSO-Na Buffer

Desheng has more than ten years of experience in the R&D and production of biological buffers, and many years of process control, strictly control the quality and indicators of CAPSO sodium salt;

The purity of the produced CAPSO sodium salt is higher than 99%, the absorbance is small, the water solubility is good, and the process is stable, which can ensure that the appearance of the product is pure white crystal powder;

Desheng's supply is very sufficient, but it will not store excessively. Generally, the storage capacity is about 2 tons;

The daily output of Desheng's biological buffer can reach about 1 ton, and the production is also very fast, which can meet the supply of large goods.

Application of CAPSO-Na Buffer

For Western blotting and Western blotting experiments;

Protein sequencing and identification;

For the electrotransfer of proteins to PVDF or nitrocellulose membranes;

It is widely used in the preparation of enzymatic reactions and detection reagents;

It can be used in creatine kinase detection kit;

Cell culture medium;

Used in electrophoresis experiments.

Preparation Method of CAPSO-Na Buffer:

Prepare the required quantitative ratio of CAPSO sodium salt and dH2O;

Pour CAPSO sodium salt into the prepared dh2O;

Dissolve and mix with a stirring rod;

CAPSO can be added to adjust to the required pH value;

Finally, make up to the final volume with dh2O;

Filter sterilization (recommended) or autoclave.

CAPSO-Na Buffer Precautions

When CAPSO-Na powder is placed, it is generally placed in a dry room and cannot be directly exposed to sunlight for a long time;

After being configured as a solvent, it should be stored at 4 °C. It is recommended to use it in a short period of time for better results;

The powder should not be inhaled, ingested or absorbed through the skin, which will cause injury. Wear gloves and goggles during operation;

In case of accidental contact with the skin, rinse the contact area with water as soon as possible, and seek medical attention if necessary.

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