Light Dimmers for LED Lights

China Flintlight light dimmer manufacturersprovide the best dimming performance for LED bulbs. Simple and elegant horizontal slider dims and brightens with ease for full-range light control. Inquiry competitive wholesale price of buy led dimmer switch direct from light dimmer suppliers.

Types of LED Dimmer Switches

With different installation, Flintlight can offer you different dimmer switchesfor LED lights. Whether you need it on the wall, table and floor, our types of light dimmerscan meet all your space decoration needs. Inquiry more type of dimmer for led lights.

More about Light Dimmers for LED Lights

How Efficient Are Smart Dimmer for LED Lights?

Plug-in dimmer features full-range dimming with quiet slide control and no humming noise. Dim lights from 10% to 100%.Save energy and extend bulb life by dimming lights. Compatible with 150 Watt LED, Incandescent and Halogen.

Dim 10%-100%

Compatible with 150 Watt LED, Incandescent and Halogen

Buy LED Dimmer Switch, Things you Need to Know

Before you make the purchase of dimmable LED lights, you should know the working principle of the LED dimmer. There are two ways: pulse width modulation and analogue. And the main reason for this type of LED flickering is the dimmer switch for LED lights. Dimmable LED lights have various advantages and can create the right atmosphere and inspire your mood if you place it in the right place and right way. If you want to install them, please make sure whether you install a compatible dimmer for LED lights and look at the instructions.

How to Know if Your Bulbs and Dimmer are Compatible

It is important thing to find compatible LED dimmers paired with your dimmable light bulb. The fastest method to know whether your bulbs and dimmer are compatible is to see the supplier-specific sheet and the dimmer sheet. You can buy the right types of dimmer or bulb according to the sheet. If you have already had the bulbs and dimmer on your hand, please look through the specific information on the sheet. If not, maybe your light dimmer is not matched with your bulbs.

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