Plastic Lanpack PackagingFor Tower Packing is the most distinguishing feature. This design enables an extraordinarily high scrubbing efficiency while minimizing the amount of media and packing depth required. Meanwhile, Evenly spaced rod design can largely eliminate clogging. Each layer's vertical downward rod's distribution is not

only broken large droplet, but also form many gas-liquid contacting areas. It will improve separation efficiency. Plastic LanpackPacking is widely used in wet scrubber & gas stripping.

Parameters of Lanpack


Surface Area

Void Rate

Packing Number

Packing Density

Dry Packing Factor


















Characteristics of Lanpack

High capacity of gas and liquid flow rates

Extremely low pressure drop

High liquid loading

High seperation efficiency

High mass transfer efficiency

Application of Lanpac Packing

Before understanding the Application of Lanpac Packing, first of all, a brief introduction to the structural advantages of Lanpac Packing, which will make it easier for us to understand its application.

Lanpac Packing's innovative geometry design has a more reasonable packing flow structure, small resistance drop, strong processing capacity, high mass transfer effect, large load elasticity, more the packing design structure strength, longer service life, and the same material to maintain the packing does not deform the application temperature is higher, sleek shape structure and high void ratio, has excellent anti-scaling and anti-clogging characteristics, significantly improve the equivalent gas/liquid contact area. Lanpac Packing has a unique design that provides surface access to exhaust and scrubbing liquids. The product has a very high purge efficiency and has proven to be an excellent tower packing for applications with high liquid loads.

The main applications of Lanpac Packing are in the following areas:

NaikeChemical has been established from the consortion of several existing factories since 1973. Nowadays, Naike chemical is developing to the top leading manufacturer of molecular sieve products and mass transfer products(column packing and column Internal parts). Base on the distinguished and experienced techinical team to provide the up-to date molecular sieve and mass transfer products & technologies, Naike aims at Worldwide technical cooperation and products supply.


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