Hastelloy Check Valves

Hastelloy Check Valves

Weidouli offers a comprehensive range of hastelloy check valvefor all types of applications and industries including ressure seal check valve, Hastelloy dual plate check valve, Hastelloy nozzle check valve, Hastelloy single plate check valve, Hastelloy lift type check valve and Hastelloy swing check valve made in china.

Material Definition Of Hastelloy Check Valves

Hastelloy is a nickel-molybdenum alloy. It contains ultra-low carbon and high Ni, Mo, and Cr elements, which belong to corrosion-resistant and high temperature-resistant materials.

There are many different grades of Hastelloy, many of which are nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloys. Each of these grades has been optimized for a specific purpose, but all of them are highly resistant to corrosion.

Material Features Of Hastelloy Check Valves

Excellent corrosion resistance in the strong corrosion oxidative and the reducible acid medium.

Applications of Hastelloy Check Valve

In general, Hastelloy check valves are mainly applied for liquids, air, or gases. By the way, a Hastelloy check valve is only used to clean filtered or strained liquids or gases. To achieve the Hastelloy check valves clean from dirty, you can put a strainer with a good wire mesh at the head of the Hastelloy check valves. In addition, the valves are applied to serve for vacuum relief. The internal threads side of the valve is linked with the valve service.

Features of Hastelloy Check Valve

A Hastelloy check valve is made of titanium or alloy 20 for the body, piston, spring as well as locknuts.

The seal of Hastelloy check valves is tight with the soft material of PTFE.

Hastelloy check valves are tamper-proof because they can not adjust or remove externally to alter the pressure set once all the systems settle down. You can adjust the pressure setting into a factory set under certain circumstances.

To reach the goal of a different pressure range, spare springs are able to adjust in the field.

Operation of Hastelloy Check Valve

Although a Hastelloy check valve is designed for a specific cracking pressure in the factory, it can be set in the field by removing the check valve from the piping system. Operating the right cracking pressure needs some tries and measurements. You also need a pressure gauge to verify the pressure. To achieve an ideal pressure state, Hastelloy check valves remain unscrewed from the mounting place. A Hastelloy check valve can increase the crack pressure by removing the line.


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