Explosion-proof Infrared Thermal Imager

Explosion proof thermal camera, mode YRH650, explosion-proof mark Ex ib I Mb, can be used in dangerous environments such as coal mines and underground mines for predictive maintenance, equipment troubleshooting and confirmation of normal operation of equipment. The LCD screen can display infrared image and visible light image, and the image can be saved in SD card. YRH650 connects the SD card to the computer through the card reader, which can move the pictures on the SD card to the computer, and has the function of recording and playing audio.

Parameters of Explosion-proof Infrared Thermal Imager

Explosion-proof Type

Mine intrinsically safe

Explosion-proof Mark

Ex ib I Mb





Infrared Lens

Field of view 19°x25°, focal length 9mm

Minimum Focus Distance

Spatial Resolution (IFOV)

Infrared Resolution

160×120 pixels

LCD Display Resolution

Sensor Type/Operating Wavelength

Uncooled Focal Plane Detector9 (UFPA)/8-14um

Thermal Sensitivity


Image Frame Rate


Focus Method


Digital Zoom

1-32 times digital continuous zoom, step 0.1

Image Display Mode

Infrared image, visible-light image, picture-in-picture function, AUF automatic fusion

Picture in Picture

Fusion of visible light image and infrared image


iron oxide red, rainbow, gray, white gray

Total Measurement Range


Measurement Accuracy

±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of the reading, whichever is greater

Point Analysis

Center point + automatic marking of the highest and lowest temperature in the area

Emissivity Correction

Between 0.01 and 1, variable

Measurement Correction

Emissivity reflected temperature

language Selection

English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish

Body Storage/Memory Card Storage

100M bytes, 80 images or 1-minute video recording/8GB memory card, expandable up to 32GB.

Video Storage Format

Standard MPEG-4 format, 1280×960@30fps, video > 60 minutes on the memory card

Image Storage Format

Standard JPEG format, resolution 1280×960, pictures with measurement data, can store more than 1000 pictures on the memory card

Built-in Visible Light Camera

5 million pixels

Interface & Video Out

USB interface, audio output interface, high-definition video output interface

USB Interface

Transfer data between device and computer


Rechargeable lithium battery, working time up to 4 hours or more

Battery Capacity


Protection Class


Features of Explosion-proof Infrared Thermal Imager


Infrared Resolution Up to 160×120 Pixels

LCD screen can display infrared and visible images, quick troubleshooting equipment.


Measuring Accuracy ±2℃

Measuring range -20℃ to 650℃, can accurately locate hot spots.


8GB Memory Card

Images can be saved in sd card. By connecting the sd card to the computer through the card reader, the picture of the sd card vendor can be moved to the computer.


With Audio Video and Play Function

Can store more than 60 minutes of video.

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