Dental Curing Light

Dental light cure machineis an oral equipment for repairing teeth. Curing light for teeth is related to the rapid curing of dental repair resin material under the action of radiation energy by using the principle of light radiation. UMG's dental lab light curing unit can be customized, laser marking up to order 50, the packaging of a set of dental curing light for sale includes a 3 second curing light dentalunit, a light guide stick, a piece of power adaptor, a light-shielding sheet, and a piece of Iitroduction book. UMG also offers protective Safety glasses and light curing sleeves to protect against blue light damage.

UMG dental curing lights are highly efficient, enabling faster curing and polymerisation of dental materials and more effectively reducing the time patients spend in chairs. The luminescence rod we use is a low cost and long life span. It produces low heat when it is working. And it doesn't need to release the heat by fan and with no noisy.Our dental curing lights have 10,000 hours of use life. Their light weight and portability also make them a resident guest in dental clinics.

UM-S01 Environmentally-friendly Plastic Shell Curing Light

UM-S01 Environmentally-friendly plastic shell curing light This machine uses high-power, high-brightness, pure blue LED as the light source, with enhanced condensing A new type of light curing machine with optical fiber light guide rod for dental restoration.

UM-S02 Bright Aluminum Alloy Shell Curing Light

UM-S02 light curing, high power LED cold light, high brightness, pure blue light, solidify the curing effect, aluminum alloy matte shell, comfortable and non-skid, three working modes.

UM-S03 1 Second Curing Light

UM-S03 light curing, one second curing 3 mm resin, 360 degree rotating irradiation, single bond mode.

UM-C1 Original Imported Big Power Led From Usa Curing Light

UM-C1 and UM-S02 have basically no difference in function and some difference in appearance, UM-C1 Original imported big power LED from USA Curing Light.

UM-C2 5W Big Power Led Curing Light

UM-C2 is a kind of rechargeable LED light curing lamp with a delicate and durable plastic shell, 5W high power LED, high permeability glass fiber, excellent light absorption performance and high brightness.

Types Of Light Curing Units In Dentistry

Our dental light curing units can be divided into LED light cure unit dental and halogen light cure machine dental.

Now the LED light cure unit dental is commonly used in the market, because the wavelength of light emitted by LED is concentrated in the 430 ~ 480nm, and is the sensitive wavelength of light curing resin. Due to its advantages of no other color light, so more than 90% of the energy is converted to pure blue light energy, almost no excess heat generation.

Structure of denture curing unit for sale

LED dental light curing unit has a variety of appearance including environmentally-friendly plastic shell, bright aluminum alloy shell, but the structure of dental lab light curing units are generally the same. They are respectively: light guide rod, light curable shield, LED lamp, electronic controller, battery and power supply.

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Dental Curing Light?

When purchasing LED light cure unit dental, you should pay attention to the problem of LED overheating and the rapid decrease of light intensity with time, which is actually the heating problem of LED. In order to obtain the large light energy output of the LED, the driving current of the LED must be increased as much as possible, but if the driving current is too large, the LED will heat up seriously, thus greatly shortening the service life of the LED, and even burning the LED. When purchasing, it can be tested from two aspects.

First, after working in continuous strong light mode for 10 seconds, touch the casing near the LED of the curing lamp with your hand for a few seconds, so as not to feel hot. Of course, when testing the machine, you should avoid making the machine emit strong light for a long time for a long time, so as to avoid damage to the LED due to overheating.

The second is to test the change of light intensity with time, let the curing lamp work in continuous strong light mode, test the light intensity at the beginning of the work and the light intensity at the beginning of the work for 10 seconds, the less the light intensity decreases, the better, the difference between the two is It is advisable not to exceed 10%.

What is Dental Curing Light?

Dental lab light curing unit uses the principle of light radiation. The dental repair resin materials are rapidly cured and involved under the action of radiation energy . Dental light cure machine can emit a strong blue light, so that the photofixation resin in a short period of time quickly and effectively polymerized curing.

How To Use Dental Curing Light?

The dental curing light makes use of a light source with high intensity and fluorescent bulb containing plasma to cure the resin-based composite, and is able to cure resin composite material within just 3 seconds. If there is an over exposure to blue light cure without protection measurements, then it may increase ocular inflammation and eye dryness. So we strongly recommend you to take safety measures when the dentists use dental light curing unit in the operation or treatment.

How Does Dental Curing Light Work?

LED Curing Light is applied ray radiation principle to solidify the light-sensitive resin by shooting at it in a short time

Usually, when a trigger or button is pressed, the light cure unit dental stays on until the timer expires. When the curing light for teeth is on, place it directly on the tooth containing the material until it is cured.

Is A Dental Curing Light A UV Light?

The dental curing light delivers ultraviolet (UV) light for photopolymerization in the operation or treatment. Studies have shown that exposure to UV radiation may cause damage to your skin, especially if you're exposed for a long time. It can lead to premature wrinkles, age spots, and even skin cancer. Therefore safety measures should be used when dentists use dental uv curing light in the operation or treatment.

After Light Curing, When It iIs Found tThat The Hardness Is Not Enough During Blending, Should It Be Irradiated After Blending?

This situation means that the material curing is not sufficient. At this time, you need to pay attention to whether you operated in accordance with the instructions of the material. Remember to note the maximum filling thickness and required light intensity, and check whether the intensity of dental lab light curing unit is appropriate.

How Much Time Is Appropriate for Light Curing Filling?

How long is the binder best illuminated?What is the exposure time of the double curing material used to bond the prosthesis?

Different materials have different triggering systems, so the required ewavelength of dental curing light and illumination time are different. Therefore, the dental curing light wavelength, light intensity and illumination time of dental lab light curing unit need to be selected according to the operation instructions provided.

Is There Any Harm To Prolonged Exposure of Dental Lab Light Curing Unit?

The effect on the photocurable material itself is minimal, but the heat generation of the dental lab light curing unit is too high and can irritate the pulp and soft tissue.

How Often Do You Test The Light Intensity Of Dental Curing?

There is very little attenuation on curable light of dental lab light curing unit. But we still recommend to test the light intensity of dental light cure machine before every day use to ensure the accuracy of the output light intensity. At the same time, the charging base of the light cure machine dental is equipped with light intensity tester, which is very convenient to measure light intensity.

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