Optical Window

Optical Window

Optical cylindrical windowis a typical optical component of the LiDAR coversystem and plays an important role in the operation of LiDAR systems. It not only protects the inner components, but also is involved in the operation. Sunny Automotive is a global professional LiDAR optical window supplier which can provides windows with different shapes(flat/cylindrical/C-shaped etc.) and masters mold design. Sunny Automotive also process and coating technology and can process LiDAR windowwith high optical precision and high transmittance.

Product Application

Optical window is the only optical interface between the LiDAR system and the external environment. LiDAR optical window not only protects the internal security of the whole LiDAR system, but also is a part of the optical system, so that its reliability requirement is very high. Sunny Automotive can provide glass and plastic window products in different colors and shapes according to customer needs and also provide special solutions with explosion-proof and heating functions.

Indpedent Manufacturing/automotive Quality Assurance
High optical precision ensures minimal energy loss of the emitted and received beam.

The world's leading coating technology greatly improves transmittance and reduces reflection interference.

Excellent impact resistance with high hardness.

Defogging and defrosting and heating function.

Electromagnetic shielding and anti-interference.


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