Supercapacitors for Solar Energy

Solar Supercapacitor Applications

The use of solar energy sources ultimately comes down to two aspects of solar energy utilization and solar energy utilization. Solar power generation is divided into photovoltaic power generation and solar thermal power generation, in which photovoltaic power generation uses photovoltaic cells to directly convert solar energy into electrical energy. Photovoltaic power generation is far stronger than CSP in terms of conversion efficiency, equipment cost and development prospects. Since the advent of practical polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, the world has begun to use solar photovoltaic power generation.

At present, supercapacitor solar systemshave three development directions: independent operation, grid-connected and hybrid photovoltaic power generation systems. In an independent operating system, the energy storage unit is generally required to store the remaining electrical energy emitted by the sun for insufficient sunshine or no sunshine. At present, the demand of the international photovoltaic energy industry has begun to develop from the remote rural areas and special applications to the grid-connected power generation and construction combined power supply. Photovoltaic power generation has the transition from supplementary energy to alternative energy. The domestic photovoltaic energy system is still mainly used in remote and non-electric areas and urban street lights, lawn lights, garden lights, billboards and other independent photovoltaic power generation systems. Through the energy storage system composed of battery packs, it can smooth the fluctuation of electric energy caused by fluctuations in solar light intensity, and can also compensate for voltage dips or sudden rises in the grid system, but due to its limited number of charge and discharge, high current charge and discharge time is slow. And other factors, so its short life and high cost. Therefore, the use of solar capacitor banks in solar photovoltaic power generation systems will make grid-connected power generation more feasible.

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Jinzhou Kaimei Power Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, located in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, China. Kamcap supercapacitor is one of the leading supercapacitormanufacturers in China. We are engaged in the development, production and sales of ultrac

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