Air Fryer Family 5L

① 360° three-dimensional hot air circulation, uniform heating

② Computer control, precisely controlling temperature and time

③ 5L large capacity, making you cook dinner in one pot

④ Low fat, smokeless and oil-free, healthy and easy to cook

⑤ 8 functional menus for multiple meals a day

Easy to cook

Double control knob.

home safety

Automatic power-off memory, energy saving and safer.

Non-stick seamless frying basket

Not worry about cleaning.

Double the Safety

Automatic power-off memory, energy saving and safer

Air-fryer Family 5L GA-E5A Parameters

Category Name

Electric oven (air fryer)

Product Model


Product color


Net weight (kg)


Gross weight of product(kg)


Rated power(W)


Rated voltage(V)


Rated capacity(L)


Inner package size (L * W * H mm)


Product Manuals

Is A 5L Air Fryer Big Enough?

3L is suitable for 1-2 persons.

The larger the capacity of the air fryer, the more ingredients you can put in it. Small families are suitable for 5L, inviting friends to gatherings and family use are very suitable.

Gaaboris founded by Gabor Lorenz, who is a kitchen appliance expert from Germany. And it became a new top-selling small appliance brand in Southeast Asia after launching in that market in 2021 due to the design that focuses on consumers and the core technology which has had advantages for more than 10 years.


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