Engineering Plastic Application for Different Industries

Engineering Plastic Applicationfor Different Industries

Anmei, one of the most experienced engineering plastic andmasterbatch producers, offers a wide range of commodity plastics and engineering plasticsmasterbatch in engineering plastic and masterbatch applicationwith great enthusiasm. We are one of the most reliable modified plastics suppliers to Home Appliances, Power Tool, New Energy, 5G Fiber Optic Cable, and other industries. Proud to say that in the above-mentioned areas, the customers we currently served are all well-known brands in the industry. Providing high-quality products at competitive prices and working closely with our clients to improve performance and reduce costs are our long-term development goals. Not just that, Anmei is willing to work with customers in the industry to innovate and try new together. Welcome to join us!

The following are some applications ofengineering plastics examples.

Home Appliances

Engineering plastics have the advantages of strong heat resistance, excellent impact resistance, strong rigidity, fire resistance and flame retardant. Therefore, whether it is a vacuum cleaner or a sweeping robot, whether it is an automatic wok or a window cleaning robot, the parts using engineering plastics are more durable.

Power Tool

When engineering plastic materials are used in the field of hardware and electrical appliances, we usually require plastic materials to have good thermal conductivity, heat resistance and insulation. Specifically, reinforced nylon, PC/ABS, flame-retardant materials, high-performance thermal conductive materials, etc. And ABS, PC/ABS alloy, PP flame retardant, high and low-temperature impact strength materials can be used for power tools, such as electrical equipment, lawn and garden machinery and equipment.

New Energy

Engineering plastics can be widely used in the new energy industry, such as application in auto parts and charging piles, as well as car sensor housings, rearview mirrors, charging piles, etc. It should be noted that the material selection requirements for different parts are different. When purchasing engineering plastics, factors such as performance, economy and safety should be considered.

5G Fiber Optic Cable

The arrival of the 5G era also brings opportunities for the personalized development of optical cable PBTand modified plastics. Optical fiber sleeve is a kind of physical protective layer in contact with colored optical fiber, and its performance directly affects the transmission performance of optical fiber. The low shrinkage PBT and modified nylon 66 developed by Anmei are in the leading position in the industry. Welcome to buy them.

If you want to know more about application of plastic in mechanical engineering field, please visit our website.


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