Ultrasonic Coating Systems

Industrial Ultrasonic Coating System

Coating uniformity: > 95%

Non-clogging ultrasonic nozzle technology reduces maintenance cost and down-time

Continuous liquid delivery in 24 hours

Utilization rate of raw materials is more than 85%

XYZ three-axis servo motion system and motion controller to optimize spray patterns

Optional built-in syringe pump reduces required volume of coating material

Vacuum heating plate, suitable for flexible substrates

Industrial ultrasonic coating system is a medium-sized ultrasonic spray coating machine, which is usually equipped with WideMist, ConeMist or FocusMist ultrasonic nozzle, and also can be equipped with multiple nozzles in parallel to increase production rate. The Industrial ultrasonic coating system is also equipped with a unique precision continuous metering pump system, which is able to provide stable liquid delivery in 24 hours. Configured with other auxiliary devices such as carrier gas control, heating plate, vacuum plate and exhaust system, industrial ultrasonic coating system is very suitable for pilot scale or small batch production. Ultrasonic coating is precision spray coating technique based on ultrasonic atomizing nozzle technology. Compared with the traditional air spray coating, ultrasonic spray coating has advantages of higher uniformity, thinner coating thickness and higher accuracy. At the same time, since the ultrasonic nozzle can atomize liquid without the assistance of air pressure, the ultrasonic coating can greatly reduce the splashing, thus significantly reducing the waste of coating material. The utilization rate of the ultrasonic spray coating is more than 4 times that of the traditional air spray coating.

Siansonic industrial ultrasonic coating system is used for various of applications on thin film coatings deposition such as catalyst coated membrane (CCM) for fuel cell, functional layers for thin-film solar cell, functional layers for biosensors and microfluidic chips, photoresist coatings for silicon wafers, anti-reflection (AR) coatings, hydrophilic coatings, hydrophobic coatings, thermal insulation coatings, transparent conductive coatings, etc.

Features of Siansonic industrial ultrasonic coating system:

Non-clogging ultrasonic nozzle technology, low maintenance cost

Patented full digital ultrasonic generator, 4 CPUs provide high stable operation of nozzle. Control step size: 0.01W

Uniformity: >95%

Thickness of coating: 20nm-100 micron (Depends on material)

High transfer efficiency of coating material, the usage ratio can be higher than 85%.

XYZ servo motion system

Equipped with high-performance motion controller, compared with traditional PLC, motion pattern of nozzle is optimized, and the utilization rate of raw materials is further improved.

Continuous syringe pump system provides stable liquid delivery for 24 hours

Maximum coating area: 600x600mm

Max liquid viscosity: 20-30cps

Max solid particle size in suspensions: 10-20micron

Full-color touch screen and friendly user interface.

Precision air pressure control: keep carrier gas stable and adjustable

Built-in or external syringe pump provides precision liquid delivery

Exhaust system included

Laser light alignment: assist users fast locating the nozzle position

For more information about ultrasonic spray depositionand ultrasonic nebulizer,, please feel free to contact us!


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