Indoor LED Poster Digital Signage

China led posterscreen is a kind of digital billboard, which is generally used in retail enterprises, restaurants, clubs, exhibitions and other places. Stylish and simple, ultra-thin and lightweight. It can be spliced and centrally managed intelligently, it provides high resolution, has vertical and inclined brackets, and it’s portable to maintain, also support customized for double-sided display.

Product Parameters of Indoor LED Poster Digital Signage



Module Parameters

Pixel Pitch

Pixel Density


Lamp Type


Module Size


Module Resolution


Machine Parameters

Viewing Area(mm)




Physical Dimension


Display Brightness


Gray Scale


Refresh Rate(HZ)


Display Method


Power Input Voltage

AC220V±10% 50Hz(Three-phase five-wire system)

Gross Weight


The Benefits of Indoor LED Poster Digital Signage

It with thin and light screen body, front maintenance, appearance design strives to present a high-end atmosphere, fashion and novelty, and flexible and changeable installation methods, which can meet the installation needs of various application scenarios.

The indoor led poster displayscreen is convenient for protection. The system plays automatically and does not require a special person to manage the operation. Even if the screen is accidentally powered off during operating, the system will automatically restart the play when the power is restarted.

The totem led screenhas a powerful multi-layer mixing function, it can complete the mixed display of various methods such as any split screen, special effect flip and scrolling text.

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