Molded Pulp Packaging

Molded Paper Pulp Packaging Wholesale

GREENWEIMO, a professional molded pulp manufacturer, supplies a one-stop solution for molded pulp packaging products. From creative design to the manufacturing, GREENWEIMO supply all the management, communications, quality control, warehouse management, and shipment. The whole process will be taken care of by our company, so everything becomes easier for customers.


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Professional Electronics Packaging Manufacturer

GREENWEIMO has a very experienced team, specializing in electronics packaging design and development of various product packaging. Our laboratory has a very advanced variety struments for testing sustainable electronics packaging materials, R & D and design. According to customers' electronic products, GREENWEIMO carry out electronic component packaging design through accurate data. At the same time, we also carry out repeated testing through instruments to achieve customer satisfaction. Our packaging for electronic products not only has the shockproof effect of electronic products during transportation, but also specially registers the beauty of electronics packaging. Our beautiful, generous, creative and eco-friendly packaging is popular in electronics packaging field. Types of electronic packaging are various, too.

Eco-friendly Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale

Support and protect the Cosmetic during uninterrupted transportation and delivery.

When it comes to cosmetics' biodegradable packaging, we are always mesmerized by their beautiful outlook. However, we should know that the traditional package produced by plastic or paper is not good to our earth and environment. Like plastic, it will never decompose. The plastic packaging pollutes the earth forever, and an important way to save the earth is by changing the packaging way. GREENWEIMO is committed to producing custom molded pulp packaging, including sustainable cosmetic bagasse packagingand other kinds of packagings since 2016.

Biodegradable Plant Pots Wholesale

In order to protect the earth, GREENWEIMO has been trying to do a great job in environmental protection. Apart from bagasse compostablefood containers, compostable pots for plants and seeds are also our best sellers. When plants are transplanted, they do not need to be specially taken out of these biodegradable pots because they are compostable. They can be planted in the soil together with the plant. These compostable plant pots will be naturally and completely biodegradable, will not pollute, and will not produce any substances harmful to the earth, because their ingredients are originally derived from plant fibers.


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