Freeze Dried Pet Food


The production process of freeze dry pet foodadopts a low-temperature mode, without any heating or defrosting, and always maintains the original flavor of fresh meat, as well as the appearance and shape of raw materials, and has good water rehydration, is natural and healthy food.

The freeze-dried pet food has a different recipe. In addition to pure freeze-dried meat (one or more), freeze-dried fruits, freeze-dried vegetables, and minerals are also added according to their respective recipes, such as coconut oil and mussel powder. Freeze-dried pet food help to strengthen the immune system, nurse the skin and hair, and promotes the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and E. The freeze-dried main food has high content and easily digestible animal protein sources (meat, organs, bone, and seafood), which provides enough high-quality and easily absorbable protein sources for pet food and improves the digestion and utilization rate of pet food.

Types of Freeze Dried Pet Food

Freeze Dried Cat Food

Ten years of freeze-drying craftsmanship, to preserve the nutrition and taste of natural fresh meat, to retrace the original ingestion experience, and activate the natural instincts of the cat as a predator.

Freeze Dried Dog Food

There are many flavors of freeze dried products for dogs, all kinds of meat, relatively rich, the dog owner to find out the dog like the taste of freeze dried products for the dog to eat.


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