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Several important factors affecting the image effect of the camera mainly include lens, aperture, image sensor, fill light, etc. it is the difference of these hardware/software factors that leads to the camera with different image effect. In addition, the effect of image is also closely related to ISP tuning ability and lens matching rationality.

Low illumination camera is mainly affected by lens, image sensor, back-end image processing technology and other factors. It refers to a camera that can still obtain a relatively clear image when the light is dark (i.e. low illumination). At present, the security industry usually divides the front-end camera into four levels. When the minimum illumination value reaches or even lower than 0.0001lux, it reaches the ultra-low illumination camera of "Starlight Lens".

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Types Of Low Light Lens

The sensor size of f0.9 lens is 1/2'' and 1/1.8". TTL: 33.2mm. EFL: 4mm. F.NO: 1. DISTORTION: <20%.

Starlight Lens

The sensor size of starlight lens is 1/1.2'' to 1/2.7''. TTL: 22.28-112.11mm. EFL: 3.1-43mm. F.NO: 0.9/1.0/1.2. MBFL: 4.66-7.78mm.

Low Light Camera Lens

can match for starlight sensor, 1/2",1/1.8" sensor; F1.0/F1.4,4mm/6mm all available; high resolution,made by7G

M16 Lens

The sensor size of M16 lens is 1/1.7'' and 1/1.8''. TTL: 30-50.4mm. EFL: 4-8mm. F.NO: 0.9/1.0. MBFL: 5.24-7.78mm.

What Is A Low Light Lens?

Low illumination lens refers to the surveillance camera that can still capture clear images under the condition of low illumination. Generally, most cameras are 0 lux or 0.1 lux. The evolution of low illumination camera in the market is simply divided into the following three steps: color during the day/black and white at night; Low speed shutter and super sensitive camera. The low illumination lens is especially suitable for low light level occasions such as banks, schools, residential areas, parks, industrial parks, factories, prisons, fences, explosive magazines, ports, border defense, military bases, ports, airports, petrochemical industry and telecommunications.

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