Hexachloroethane is mainly used as a lubricant additive for this purpose;

Hexachloroethane is used as a solvent (catalyst, additive), and used in the production of Freon 113, agricultural drugs, pharmaceuticals, veterinary drugs, smokers, etc., and defoamers;

The product of hexachloroethane is mainly used as a raw material for organic synthesis and as a degassing agent for aluminum and its alloys.

Chemical Structural Formula of Hexachloroethane

Technical Sheet of Hexachloroethane








Colorlescrystalcamphor-like odor




CCI3-CCI3 content

Melting point

184 min.


Acid grade as HCL

Ignition residue



Alcohol insoluble

Packaging of Hexachloroethane

Net Weight: 175kgs / Iron Drum

Leakage Emergency Treatment of Hexachloroethanefor sale

Isolate the contaminated area and restrict access. It is suggested that emergency treatment personnel should wear self-contained breathing apparatus and general working clothes. A small amount of leakage: collect with a clean shovel in a dry, clean, and covered container. A large amount of leakage: collected, recycled, or transported to the waste disposal site for disposal.

Waste disposal method: incineration method. When the waste is mixed with other fuels, the combustion should be sufficient to prevent the generation of phosgene. The hydrogen halide in the exhaust gas of the incinerator is removed by the acid scrubber.

Protective Measures of Hexachloroethane

Respiratory system protection: self-suction filter dust mask should be worn when exposed to dust. In case of emergency rescue or evacuation, it is recommended to wear self-contained breathing apparatus.

Eye protection: generally, no special protection is required. Safety glasses can be worn when exposed to high concentrations.

Body protection: penetrating gas type anti-virus clothing.

Hand protection: wear chemical-resistant gloves.

Others: smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited at the worksite. After work, take a bath and change clothes. Store the clothes contaminated by poison separately and use them after washing. Pay attention to personal hygiene.

First Aid Measures of Hexachloroethane

Skin contact: take off contaminated clothing and wash skin thoroughly with soapy water and water.

Eye contact: lift the eyelids and rinse with flowing water or normal saline. Seek medical advice

Inhalation: quickly leave the site for fresh air. Keep the respiratory tract unobstructed. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. If breathing stops, perform artificial respiration immediately. See a doctor.

Ingestion: drink enough warm water, induce vomiting, and wash stomach. See a doctor.

Fire fighting method: firefighters must wear gas masks and full-length fire-fighting clothing. Spray water to keep the fire container cool until the end of fire fighting. Fire extinguishing agents: fog water, foam, carbon dioxide and sand.

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