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As one of the most professional abrasive powder suppliers in China, E-Grind offers a full range of superabrasives: Synthetic cvd diamonds, Cubid Boron Nitrid and related Solid products like CVD, TSP, PDC, PCD&PCBN, Diamond Wire-Draing Die blanks, for Drilling, Sawing, Cutting, Grinding, Honing, Lapping, Polishing and Finishing processes, in the industries of Machinery, Stone, Construction, Automobile, Electronics, Aerospace etc. As one of the most professional abrasive powder suppliersin China, E-Grind has a lot of experience in the production of different abrasive powder types. We have formed our own advantages among all the abrasive powder suppliers in China. Our profession enable us to provide the highest performance products for superabrasives industry. As a superabrasive ltd, we can provide you with different abrasive powder types. E-Grind ensures the product's consistency from lot to lot by our advanced lab and experienced engineers. Look forward to the nice cooperation with you in our superabrasives products.

What is Superabrasives?

Superabrasives include Synthetic Diamond and cubic boron nitride( CBN)powder. Industrial synthetic diamond powder are mainly made through the high temperature and high pressure method, convert carbon into diamond, and convert hexagonal boron nitride into cubic boron nitride. Covalent bonds are formed between atoms to form a stable tetrahedral structure, so the superabrasives has stable chemical properties, high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, non-magnetic, poor conductivity etc. As the two hardest substances in nature, diamond and CBN have been widely used in ultra-precision grinding, high-efficiency grinding, and grinding of difficult-to-machine materials.

What is Superabrasives?

Classification of Superabrasive

Classification of Superabrasive

The appication of Diamond and CBN abrasives, due to their complementarity in the adaptation of processing materials, greatly expand the processing range of the abrasive tools made of them, covering almost all processed materials including various high-hardness, high-brittle, high-strength and toughness materials. Compared with convenient abrasives, super abrasives has the advantages of long grinding life, high smoothness, high grinding efficiency, and environmental protection etc.


Cubic Boron Nitride Abrasive

The emergence of CBN abrasives has led to a revolution in grinding technology. It can withstand high temperatures of 1300℃~1400℃, is chemically inert to iron group elements, has good thermal conductivity, high removal rate when grinding steel, high grinding ratio, and abrasive tools. Long life, it is the best abrasive for grinding hardened steel, high-speed steel, high-strength steel, stainless steel and heat-resistant alloys with high hardness and toughness.


Diamond abrasive

Diamond abrasive tools are the best abrasive tools for grinding hard alloys, optical glass, ceramics and other hard and brittle materials, but because they are easily carbonized at 700℃~800℃, they are not suitable for grinding steel materials and ultra-high-speed grinding.


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E-Grind Superabrasives Product
E-Grind Superabrasives Product As one of the most professional abrasive powder suppliers in China, E-Grind offers a full range of superabrasives: Synthetic cvd diamonds, Cubid Bo...
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