Alpha Amylase

Alpha amylase enzymeis an enzyme preparation abstracted from bacillus lincheniformis through deep-layer liquid fermentation, and is applied in such industries as bio-pharmacy, starch sugar, alcohol, beer, monosodium glutamate, fermentation and fruit juice.

Specification of Alpha Amylase


α- Amylase

Product Series Name

EnerGen α- Amylase




Bacillus licheniformis

EC code



Powder, Liquid




Light brown, brown

Loss on drying

≤ 10%

Working pH

Optimum pH

Working T


Optimum T


Particle size

80% pass 40 mesh


25kg /bag


Stored 12 months in dark, cool and dry conditions


Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature

Functions of alpha amylase for sale

(1) α- amylase can increase feed conversion ratio and improve production performance.

(2) α- amylase can effectively decompose resistant starch which produces feed raw material itself and in the process of machining, improving energy utilization rate.

Features of Alpha Amylase

(1)High tolerance to animal acid gastrointestinal environment.

pH range: valid pH range is 2.0~7.0; the optimum pH is 5.0.

(2) Heat-resistant is good.

Heat-treatment for 10min in different temperature at pH6.0

Definition of Activity Alpha Amylase

One unit of amylase activity (U) is defined as 1g solid enzyme(or 1ml liquid enzyme),liquefies 1mg soluble starch at 60℃ and pH6.0 in 1min.

Dosage of Alpha Amylase

Recommended dosage in complete feed of α- amylase with 7000 U/g:80-100g/t.Add to premixed feed and concentrated feed in proportion.

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