Alpha Galactosidase

Alpha galactosidase is a feed hemicellulose produced by a liquid submerged fermentation and advanced post-treatment technique. Alpha galactosidase can degrade galactosides, such as stachyose and raffinose, which can be fermented by microorganism in gut and cause flatulence in the intestine. Alpha galactosidase prevents flatulence and diarrhea.

Specification of Alpha Galactosidase



Product Series Name

EnerGen α-galactosidase








Light yellow

Loss on drying


Working T


Optimum T


Working pH

Optimum pH


Particle size

80% pass 40 mesh


25kg /bag


Stored 12 months under cover in dark, cool and dry conditions


Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature

Definition of Activity Alpha Galactosidase

One unit of alpha galactosidase activity (U) is defined as the amount of enzyme which liberates 1 millimole of paranitrophenol per minute from 5 mmol/L of paranitrophenol-α-D-galactopyranose solution at pH 5.5 and 37 ℃.

Alpha Galactosidase EnzymeFunctions

Alpha Galactosidase Dosage

Recommended dosage in complete feed of alpha galactosidase with 2000 U/g:50-150g/t. Increase or reduce the dosage according to the particular feed materials and season.

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