Self-service photo printing kioskis the product of the ''Internet'' + era, the use of high-tech technical means to achieve convenient operation of printing. In order to meet the needs of different levels, the system introduces ''self-service unmanned management''. Customers' demand for printing and photocopying can be realized through the self-registration of ID cards. Before the construction of digital archives, archivists need to spend a lot of time dealing with all kinds of data printing applications and seals. Customers can query information on the printer or print the required information (such as applications for all kinds of certificates, education, graduation, degree, transcript, etc.). Self service printing kiosk, can greatly improve the daily work efficiency, do as you come, without manual intervention, and can bring customers more convenient printing services. Self-printing all-in-one supports mobile online payment, and a variety of payment methods are in line with people's payment habits.


including color photo paper, bank card, driving license, driving license, household registration, real estate certificate and other scanning and photocopying functions

High contrast, clear restore text files, to achieve users ordinary file copy function

Read automatic positioning id card information by swiping the card, the positive and negative copies to the same piece of paper

Automatically searches for and prints WORD, PDF, and JPG files that can be printed on the USB flash drive


As one of the kiosk printer manufacturers, we provide photo printing kiosk, photo printer kiosk, etc. Want to know kiosk printer priceor more, contact us.


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