Female Luer to Barbed Adapters

Female luer connectorprovide a convenient way to connect flexible tubing ID 1/16" to 1/4" with products that feature a male luer slip or luer lock end without the need for barbs or nuts, the material of medical grade PP ensure high purity without any contamination to sample fluids, suitable for non-corrosion fluids and environment. All fittings meet tight dimensional tolerances for increased tightness and reliability of connections.

Various luer lock male/female available here in Runze Fluid, including female luer lock connector, female luer lock to barb connector, female to female luer lock connector, etc. Contact us to learn more types of luer lock fittings or female luer fitting.

Specification of Female Luer Lock to Barb Connector

Model No.


Tubing ID (mm)



Female Luer to Barb 1.6mm adapter



Female Luer to Barb 2.4mm adapter


Female Luer to Barb 3.2mm adapter


Female Luer to Barb 4.0mm adapter


Female Luer to Barb 4.8mm adapter


Female Luer to Barb 6.4mm adapter

*PP material female luer lock connectors are in stock, PTFE material need to be customized with MOQ at least 2000 pieces per model, other materials can be customized with MOQ at least 5000 pieces per model, please consult customer service for more information about our female luer fitting.


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