Badge Magnets

Badge magnets (also called Magnetic badges, decorative magnetic badge holders, Magnetic name tag backs) are consist of one piece of steel or plastic with Neodymium magnets attracts to another piece of steel with adhesive, it is an ideal replacement for traditional badge pins, green magnet name tag.

The biggest advantages of badge magnets are clothes-friendly, with two or three strong Neodymium magnets mounted, they won’t leave holes, tears, or other damage to the clothing. Also they are durable, lightweight, and easy to use. Making use of the magnetic attraction, badge magnets can be taken off from the surfaces where they used to be attached to and can be used over and over again.

As a professional magnet factory in china, RiSheng provides personalized reusable plastic name tags with magnetic backs/plates with competitive price. Widely used for whiteboards, clothing with logo, vertical double id pocket, business and working, etc, our customized blank magnetic vertical double pocket badge holders can also be made retractable, engraved, decorative green... With magnetic backing, our dry erase name tags, whether metal or plastic magnetic strips for name badges, are becoming increasingly popular among our customers. For more information about name badge magnets wholesale, please feel free to contact us.

Types Of Badge Magnets

Badge Magnets BM001

Badge Magnets BM001-3M

Badge Magnets BM002

Badge Magnets BM003

Badge Magnets BM004

Badge Magnets BM005

Badge Magnets BM006

Manufacturing Method Of Badge Magnets

Each set of badge magnets have two paired pieces: the first piece is mainly made of metal with an adhesive, the adhesive is generally a kind of foam adhesive, while 3M adhesive is available too, you can peel off the release paper and attach a badge to the adhesive, while the second piece has two or three strong magnets to make sure a strong enough pull force, it is placed underneath the clothing to hold the first piece securely, the material of the second piece is generally steel or plastic.

Applications Of Badge Magnets

Badge magnets provide a very convenient way of displaying name badges and identification without damaging the clothing, the badges can be put on and take off extremely easily ideal for home, office, and school.

Various designs with different pull forces can hold on different clothing no matter the shirts, jacket, or thick outerwear, two strong Neodymium magnets can make two parts of badge magnets attach to each other directly, you can protect your expensive garments at exhibitions, meetings, conferences, trade shows, and events.


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