Mould Base

After years of development, mold base production industry has been quite mature.

Injection moulding manufacturercan purchase customized mould baseaccording to individual mold needs, and also choose standardized mold base products.

Features of Mould Base
The standard mold base is diversified in style, and the delivery time is short, even ready to use, which provides higher flexibility for mould base suppliers . Therefore, the popularity of standard mold base is constantly improving

The Specification of Mould Base
Part name moldbase
Part material P20
Mold accuracy + / - 0.02
Dimension detection method CMM
Exporting country USA
Delivery time 2 weeks
Delivery mode DHL 3 days
Mold quality customer satisfaction 100%
Project cooperation service customer satisfaction 100%

As a plastic mold technology inc, we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.


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