LED Pixel Lights

EXC-LED pixel light is a high-brightness, daylight-visible, fully customizable media dot solution to create media facades or perimeter lighting on large buildings and structures for long-distance viewing. As the LED pixel light factories, EXC provides pixel LED wholesalefor customers.

Each dot of pixel LED seriesis individually-addressable making this durable, scalable solutions for vivid accent, test graphics and video replay in installation of any size and complexity.

Landscape LED Pixel Light Application Scenarios

The application scenarios of landscape LED pixel lighting in the field of the lighting engineering industry are important and wide. A LED dot light is a pixel point. By the system control, landscape LED pixel lighting can present a colorful lighting screen, instead of the function of the display. At the same time, it can be in multiple buildings, modeling into the shape between the long-distance synchronous cascade with each other, presenting a very creative, beautiful light show.

Features of LED Pixel Light in Building

Highlight the city's point, line, surface.

Neon advertising, lightbox signs, internal lighting, external lighting of buildings, etc. make the central area form a piece of bright area mosaic in the road network so that the central structure of the city is clear at a glance.

Clarify the city outline

The city lighting project at night will clearly outline the city outline, clearly distinct from the surrounding areas. When looking at the city from a high place at night, the outlined line is complete and clear, intuitively reflecting the shape and scale of the city.

Highlight the city structure

The construction of building lighting design emphasizes the main, quintessential part of the city so that the city structure is highlighted, easy to identify, both a sense of orientation and a sense of hierarchy and three-dimensional sense.

LED Dot Light Installation Method

Aluminum slot track type installation

Using this method to install the LED point light source when you need to first fix the bottom shell on the facade of the building wall, and then the LED point light source will be stuck into the large hole in advance of the aluminum slot, and then it will be directly and firmly fastened to the top of the bottom shell can be.

Direct installation with screws

This installation method general engineering company in order to reduce costs, you can also use glass glue fixed, the disadvantage is that the power cord and point light source connection line exposed outside.

The whole board punching type installation

The use of the whole plate punching this way to install LED point light source, usually in the iron, aluminum or stainless steel plate according to the calculated location to punch.

Snap pull wire type installation

This installation method has certain limitations, generally used in glass curtain walls and overhanging places of LED point light source installation.

Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd. Is a led light factory in china, we provide outdoor led light controller, pixel led light board, pixel led light gate, pixel light connectionand etc. Want to know pixel led light low priceor pixel led types? Contact us.


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