LED Wall Washer Light

Strip-shaped small-power wall washer lights with high-strength aluminum alloy housing specially designed by EXC for outdoor landscape lighting. LED washer light could be used for illumination in specific areas or landscape wash lighting, applicable on building facades, bridges, stages, etc. There are many options for lamp length of LED washer light specifications available.

What is LED wall washer light?

LED-wall washer light is a kind of light used for building, decoration, and illumination, which is often installed on the wall to illuminate a vertical surface. It can be used in many places, such as in hotels to create a high-class and luxurious atmosphere, in the wall hanging pictures and paintings in museums and galleries, and in some families' rooms and gateway to make the place softer and lighter. The histories both of wall washer light and our company are very long, with audacious and positive development, which deserve your trust and your order!

How do you install EXC LED wall wash lights?

EXC company, as one of the most famous led wall washer manufacturersin China, always owns high-quality products. Our led wall washer lights have a variety of colours, wattage, and can be installed at different angles both in the house or out of the door. With amazingly high quality, our wall washer lights have good effect of waterproof and shockproof, with no worry of being damaged by the exposure to the sun and rain. Besides that, our products conserve much more energy than traditionally led wall washer chinasaves much cost for you.

Applications of LED Wall Washer Light

In recent years, china led wall washer lighthas become more and more popular in many areas. Many places are really keen on using such kinds of lights to create atmosphere, like hotels, galleries, museums and so on. Some hotels are fond of decorating those LED washer lights in their room to add the light as well as make the house become more soft and cozy. Those LED washer lights can also have the effect that makes the room larger visually. Some people also like to install those lights in their own family. Some galleries and museums love those lights as well in order to add more soft light to illuminate these paintings or collections.

China led wall washerLights are mainly used for single building, historical building group external wall lighting, green landscape lighting, building internal light external lighting, billboard lighting and other specialized facilities lighting. LED Wall Washer Lights are mainly used for architectural decorative lighting and commercial space lighting. Its decorative components are strong, and there are more types of styles in the modeling design. Due to the long service life of outdoor led linear wall washerLights and intelligent control, LED Wall Washer Lights can be used for lighting the appearance of some large buildings, and some users also use such colorful and artistic lighting in order to increase the effect of attractions at night. In addition, for some public landmark buildings, LED Wall Washer Lights can also be used for lighting design to better highlight the characteristics of the city.

LED Wall Washer Lights have a variety of dynamic lighting effects, so its application in various stages, performances and entertainment venues is extremely widespread. For example, bars, ballrooms and other entertainment venues atmosphere lighting, market development prospects are considerable. Because LED Wall Washer Lights can be digitally controlled by intelligent color changes and light brightness, both static lighting effects and dynamic can be perfectly presented, which can provide excellent lighting effects for various outdoor lighting.

Differences Between LED Linear Wall Washer and Wall Grazing Light Fixture

There are some differences between the led linear wall washer and wall light fixture. The first one is light spreading scope. Led linear wall wash light is installed vertically, with some distance to the surface, so the lights are illuminated to the objects and the surface evenly. While wall grazing fixture is installed close to the wall, so the wall can not be illuminated evenly. Secondly, the wall washer is to add soft and smooth light to create a feeling that the wall is perfect. On the other hand, a wall graze can make the natural textural of the surface clear and enhance the visual effect.

If you need any kinds of led lighting, please contact us, as a professional china led light company, EXC-LED is willing to offer you high quality products.


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