UPS Backup Battery 512V/100Ah

Product Introduction of 512V-100Ah UPS Battery

The ACE Encore series Li-ion UPS batteries are developed for rack mounted. This series integrates ACE high energy density and high-rate cells with dedicated battery management system (BMS) to provide system reliability and improved performance. This series is designed as a perfect match for power backup of data centers and offices,

especially under high-rate discharge circumstances.

Product Features of 512V-ups battery 100ah
Integrated with fully-automatically produced LFP prismatic 50 Ah cells, ensuring excellent consistency and life span
Specially designed for three wire and two wire UPS system application
BMS control and protection double redundancy: contactor control, shunt trip of MCCB
Short circuit protection double redundancy: circuit breaker protection, molded case circuit breaker magnetic tripping
Dual redundancy of auxiliary source reduces the risk of AC power interruption
Support wide DC voltage range configuration, compatible with UPS of high and low voltage platform
Directional explosion-proof valve design, which can effectively avoid cell failure and ensure high safety
Comprehensive thermal simulation and testing to ensure the safety of each cell in the case of large current discharge
Voltage, current, temperature, SOH, SOC real-time detection

Application Scenarios
Data centers
Distributed data centers
Bank data centers

As one of the most reliable li ion battery manufacturers, Ace provides battery 48v 1000ah, battery cell, lithium ion battery, li ion pouch cell,UPS 100Ah Battery and etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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