12V200AH Marine Battery

EXORBatteryis manufactured using ultrafine fiberglass (AGM) partitions and advanced valve control technology to avoid acid leaks and frequent maintenance. It has the characteristics of high discharge rate, wide operating temperature range, long service life, and deep discharge recovery.

200 amp hour deep cycle marine batterycan be installed in any position of the rechargeable battery, shock, and vibration resistance. Durable high performance at high and low temperatures. When the AGM battery is charged, no harmful gases escape from the battery case and the gases are processed inside the battery.

Parameter Of 12VMarine Battery 200AH

Constant voltage (V)


Constant capacity (20hr to10.5V)

200Ah @25℃ (77°F)


L506mm XW240mm X246mm


Approx 54.5Kg (120.15Ibs)

CCA (-18℃/0°F)

1000A@ to 6.0V

CCA @25℃ (77°F)


Idle capacity (25A,10.5V)

450min @25℃(77°F)

Operation temperature

-20℃~60℃ (-22°F~158°F)

Acceptable charging current


Recycle charging voltage

  1. ~15.0V@25℃ (77°F)

Self-discharge@25℃ (77°F)

<8% (Store for 90 days)

Case materials

High-temperature resistant pp material

Type of terminal

Tapered terminal

(Left: negative; Right: positive)

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