For the wind blade, its length is very long, till today some of them are over 100 m long, which has become the main feature different from other component of the wind mill.

However, the longer the blade, the more difficult the transportation and the higher the transportation cost. With the development of low wind speed and large capacity of the unit, the wind power transportation is a big problem. The proportion of blade

transportation cost to the total cost of blade has gradually increased, and the longer the blade, the higher the requirements on the transportation road, How to realize wind energy transportsafely and economically is a technical problem that needs calculation and planning, which is worth thinking about.

At present, the trend of enlarge wind blades is obvious. From the previous common 30-40 meters to the current 70-80 meters. The blade application scenarios are also distributed in high mountains, inland, off shore and other areas. With the development of land wind farm in mountainous areas, the quality of wind resources has declined again and again. In fact, there are wind farms less than 5m / s in the wind farm. After the adoption of wind blade with large impeller diameter, the number of hours has also exceeded 2000 hours. At present, the impeller diameter of 2.0MW has exceeded 135m, the impeller diameter of 2.5MW has exceeded 145m, and the maximum of 3.0MW has reached 164M, The blade length exceeds 80m.

With the large-scale blades and the complexity of transportation roads, the blade lifter also adapts to the new transportation requirements and is constantly upgraded to form a specific heavy duty trailer. It passes through villages, cottages, mountains, and deserts. Compared with wind blade trailers, it is more and more used for blade transportation. At present, the latest blade lifter is a vehicle with hydraulic steering, lifting, leveling functions. The hydraulic steering device can rotate the wind blade 360 degrees and lift it 60 degrees, to flexibly avoid various obstacles encountered on the way. With the longer and longer of wind blades, this blade lifter wind turbine can not only be more suitable for complex terrain, but also reduce the road turning radius, to significantly reduce the road construction cost of wind farm.

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