PPGL(Aluminized zinc color coating plate) is a new material produced by high-end application in China in recent years. It is made of aluminized zinc plate (55% aluminum, 43% zinc and 1.6% silicon) which is more corrosion resistant than zinc plating,coated with organic coating and baked after surface degreasing, phosphating and complex salt treatment.

Specification of gi gl ppgi ppgl

High quality AZ100 Pre-Painted Aluzinc Galvalume Color coated Steel Coil PPGL


SGCC, SPCC, DC01,DC02, SGCH, DX51D,etc

Size range

Thickness: 0.15mm-1.2mm, Width: 600mm-1250mm

Surface treatment

Galvanized / galvalumized steel sheets


AZ40--AZ150, Z40--Z275g/m2


RAL Color

Category of painting


High-durability polyester

Silicon modified polyester

Polyvinylidene fluoride


Packing Details: Perfect seaworthy packing or as customer's requirement.

Delivery Details: 20-35 days after receipt of LC or deposit.

Features of PPGL

With a good performance on adhesion force, anti-fading and rich color selection, PE produces suitable for customers who needs high, medium and low strength steel plates, regular polyester painted product is widely used in indoor and outdoor walls.

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