Additive Manufacturing Material

Eplus3D solutions provide a wide range of high-quality powders and unique parameter sets to guarantee Eplus3D machines are able to meet customers' production needs at peak performance. Eplus3D extensive and versatile portfolio of 3D printing materials addresses the widest range of applications and performance characteristics in additive manufacturing.

Types of additively manufactured materials

Additive materials

We offer various metal powders for your additive manufacturing solution with a wide range of applications, including aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, cobalt chrome, nickel-based, stainless steels, tooling steels and copper alloys. Our 3D printing materials, machines, and process parameters fit together optimally.

Materials used for additive manufacturing

We have a comprehensive portfolio of high performance plastic and polymer 3d printing materials for selective laser sintering in additive manufacturing. The following 3D printing materials are available for the additive manufacturing of plastic printing polyamides PA12, PA12GF, PA11, PA11CF, TPU, etc.

Additive Manufacturing Photosensitive Resin Material

We offer competitive liquid resin materials for stereolithography (SLA) 3D printers, with variety range of optional materials, you can get ABS like, casting, transparent, high-temperature resistance, flexible soft materials for your different industrial grade rapid prototyping and production.

Quantification And Certification Of Additive Manufacturing Materials And Processes

Materials in additive manufacturing(AM) technologies, with their utilization of 3D models for layer-by-layer part fabrication, have the potential to revolutionize and perhaps disrupt conventional manufacturing practices. Yet, their widespread use in product development is hindered by poor reliability and repeatability pertaining to part quality and part performance, especially where large-sized parts or large-sized volumes are required. By addressing technical issues such as measurement methods, performance metrics, and lack of AM-specific standards, the qualification and certification (QC) of AM parts becomes less challenging. This chapter explores the issue of QC of AM by introducing the process for conventionally manufactured products and comparatively discussing the challenges and barriers to QC associated with additively manufactured parts. Current approaches to the QC pathway and a review of research and development efforts leading to a better understanding of AM materials, processes, and parts—ultimately in support of and leading to improved QC standards and pathways—are also presented.

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