EP-A800 Resin 3D Printer

Based on years of experience at 3d digital technology, laser scanning strategy optimization technology and the successful experience of EP-A650, EP-A450, EP-A350 resin 3d printers, Eplus3D launched the new large size parts & mass production resin 3d printer EP-A800. The newly developed 3d printer is of high efficiency, high precision, large size and free maintenance, especially suits for producing prototypes, rapid molds, precision casting prototypes, sole molds and dental orthodontic models.

EP-A800 Resin 3D Printer Features

EP-A800 Resin Sla 3d Printer Feature Large Size High Efficiency Great Productivity

Large Size, High Efficiency, Great Productivity

Compared with EP-A650, the build volume is increased by 85% to 800mm*800mm*450mm.

Based on the dynamic optimization of printing path algorithm andthe patented VarioBeam technology, the printing efficiency is doubled.

With dual-laser, the printing speed is 30%~45% faster than single-laser.

EP-A800 sla resin3d Printer Feature Patented Technology Stable And Reliable High Precision

Patented Technology, Stable and Reliable, High Precision

Patented VarioBeam Technology,which has a high positioning accuracy, ensures processing efficiency and surface quality as well.

Liquid-level Control Technology, the adjustment accuracy is within ±0.01mm; automatic detection during printing, dynamic fine adjustment.

Automatic detection during printing, dynamic fine adjustment.

The design of machine hardware framework is optimized and more stable.

00-level marble platform to improve the motion accuracy and long-term stability.

EP-A800 3d sla resinPrinter Feature Variety Materials Open System And Meet Diversified Application

Variety Materials Open System and Meet Diversified Application Requirements

Offering material, related applications technology support for prototype part shell, structure testing, jigs and fixtures, investment casting, prototype rollover, medical models and guidance boards

Offering variety material’s printing parameter packages and opening common parameter adjustment for users’ fine tune.

Open material selection, compatible with main 355 nm photosensitive resin in market

EP-A800 Resin Sla 3d Printer Feature User Friendly Software Easy To Operate

User-friendly Software, Easy to Operate

Optimized software automatically identifies the model features and surface quality.

Provide variety of process parameter packages, such as dimensionand power coefficient, to customers for convenient adjustments.

The process parameters can be dynamically specified for a better printing.

One-click to calibrate the Laser Power. The power will be detected and adjusted automatically before printing.

Simple software, One-click to print, The printing parameters is clearly displayed in real time.

What Can EP-A800 Print?

Architecture Model


Process:Stereolithography (SLA)

Material: SH9100



Technical Specifications

Machine Model


Build Volume (X*Y*Z)

800mm*800mm*450mm (The height can be customized up to 550mm)

Build Accuracy*

± 0.15 mm (L<100 mm)± 0.15% xL (L ≥100 mm)

Layer Thickness

Scan speed

Typical speed: 6-12m/s



DPSSL (Diode-pumped solid-state laser), 3W

Optical scanning system

Galvanometer Scanners system

Optical focusing system

F-theta lens

Spot size

Invariant spot: 0.08-0.2mmVariant spot: 0.08~0.8mm(VarioBeam Module required)

Motion platform

Marble platform(00 level)

Control software

Self-developed software EPResin

Data format

*.stl /*.slc/*.cli/*.epi

Equipment IPC

I3,2.1GHz Frequency, 4GB Memory; Windows® 7 or Windows® 10

Dimensions (L*W*H)

Without package: 1650mm*1500mm*2250mmWith package: 1850mm*1700mm*2500mm

Machine Weight

1500KG(without resin)

Power Supply

200-240VAC,50/60Hz, single phase

Operating Temperature


Operating Humidity

Less than 40%

Installation ground

Solid, level, no vibration

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