Cast shrouds are casings used on bucket lip to protect your bucket lip from aggressive wear that can lead to premature bucket failure. These bucket shroudswill help extend the wear life of the bucket lip in most construction and mining applications.

WALKSON, a professional ground engaging tools manufacturer, provide lip shroudfor both plate lip and cast lip. The lip shroud bucketweight ranges from 50kg to 300kg. Material is low alloy steel. We can manufacture strictly according to customer’s specification. Also, we can provide wear solution for customers.

Why Choose WALKSON Shroud

Walksonis very experienced in making high quality bucket lip shroud. We have been supplying shrouds to mine sites in European, Africa, Russia, Australia, South America, and Canada for brands like caterpillar, Bucyrus, Liebherr, p&h, Terex, узтм, omz, Hitachi, Demag, Doosan, Komatsu, o&k, Uralmash. Choose us you will get the best quality adaptor and a reliable partner.

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