Walksonprovides custom made big ground engaged tools (G.E.T), supplies small wheel loader dragline bucket teethand dragline teeth. The excavator teeth can be castings and close die forging parts.

Mechanical property of the cast teeth as below:

Hardness HRC


AKV @20℃


AKV @-40℃


For the normal non- hammerless version, we have forged version. The quality of forged teeth is more stable compared with other ground engaging teeth, and the dimension is more accurate.

Mechanical property of the wheel loader bucket teethas below:

Hardness HRC


AKV @20℃


AKV @-40℃


Benefits of Teeth

WALKSON, specializing in ground engaging tools mining, has an incredibly good control of the manufacture processes which is the key factor that we can provide high quality products. The main measures to ensure good products are made as below.

Good methods designing-Experienced methods engineer assisted with the FEM software, good cast methods can be designed for our products.

Best pattern tooling designing-our designing of the pattern tooling is very practical and can get rid of a lot of potential quality issues during the manufacture process.

Strict processes operation control-our shopfloor operation is conducted strictly according to the methods card and work instruction. As we believe the quality is produced, not test out.

Advanced melting equipment-E.A.F and A.O.D are the key equipment to make high quality iron sand casting process. The gas content in the steel can be controlled under extremely low level.

Professional heat treatment-The heat treatment methods, the loading methods, the capacity of the quench tank, the speed of agitation system, all of these are under our control.

Final dimension inspection experience in gauging designing and manufacture process, make sure the batch production products are all inspected and comply with dimension requirement.

For more informationabout valve casting, please feel free to contact us!


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