AWG Mux Demux

AWG Mux Demux

01- Athermal AWG Module

The athermal Array Waveguide Grating Module (awg mux) from Sintai is based on waveguide grating technology on the silicon substrates and adopts the unique thermal-free package design, which is a completely passive DWDMsolution without power, software, or temperature control.

02- Pluggable 40CH AWG Card

The 40-channel AWG card is the ideal device for increasing the fiber capacity between two sites without the need for installing or leasing additional fibers.

03- Pluggable 48CH AWG Card

The 48-channel AWG card is a pluggable passive forty-eight-channel 100GHz DWDM multiplexer or de-multiplexer (MUX & DEMUX) in a single 1U solution. It may be used in pairs to expand capacity in a bidirectional transmission network.

04- 1U Rack Mount 40/48CH AWG

The 1U rackmount 40 or 48 athermal AWG product from Sintaican be installed in a standard 19-inch cabinet. It can support up to 1*48 channel athermal AWG module or 1*40 channel athermal AWG modules.

05- 1U Rack Mount 96CH AWG Device

The 1U rackmount 96-channel athermal AWG product from Sintai can be installed in a standard 19-inch cabinet. It can support up to 1*96 channel athermal AWG module.

06- 1U Rack Mount Double 40CH AWG Unit

The integrated 1U rack mounts double 40-channel AWG system with mux and de-mux launched by Sintai Communication Co., Ltd. can improve communication capacity, expand bandwidth, and solve the shortage of fiber resources effectively based on the existing network.


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