Furniture UV Coating Machine Line for sale

The UV coater machinecoats the rolled substrate with a layer of glue, paint or ink with a specific function, and then winds it after drying. UV coating machine for saleuses a dedicated high-speed coating head, which can effectively reduce the generation of bubbles. The rewinding and unwinding of the industrial coating machine are equipped with a full-speed automatic film splicing mechanism, and the tension is automatically controlled by a closed loop.

UV Wood Coating MachineFurniture

As one of professional coating machine suppliers, our UV coating machine for sale is widely used in wooden furniture. Our machine is a full-precision two-roll coater, which is precisely operated. The products manufactured by our high-quality coating machine have high-quality materials, fine workmanship and reliable quality. In addition, the high efficiency of the UV roll coaterfor sale greatly improves the production efficiency; the stable structure ensures the safe and stable production process; the long life of the industrial coating machine saves customers' use costs; we provide the best after-sales service and will sincerely solve the problem for you.

Furniture UV Coating LineAdvantages

The industrial coating machine is equipped with micro-gravure coating technology, precision scraper, automatic gap adjustment, five-roll coating, zero-speed rewinding and unwinding, and other necessary technologies for the production of high-quality products. UV coating machine for sale also adopts original imported accessories and learn the technical advantages of similar machinery around the world. Continuously innovate coating technologies such as coating, drying, unwinding, and coiling, and independent research and develop new units to improve manufacturing quality.

Specification of UV Coating Machine

Place of Origin

Jiangsu, China

ChinBrand Name




Machine Type

other woodworking machines


1 Year


CE ISO9001


Plywood, solid wood, particleboard

After Warranty Service

Video technical support, Online support, Spare parts, Field maintenance, and repair service


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