Pickled Coils

Description of Pickled Coils
Pickling is a production procedure to remove the oxide scale on the cold rolled steel coil surface during steelmaking. The"pickle tank" that the cold rolled steel coil sink and runs in a diluted solution of inorganic acid, it usually chose to use the hydrochloric. The coil's oxide scale must be removed because the treatment is designed to prevent abrasive, decreasing formability and die life in drawing applications. What's more, the oxide scale prevents the metal coating and the painting from adhering to the steel surface. Therefore, the surface of the coil must be pickled and remove the scale in the beginning.

The pickling line features specially designed to produce steel strips with excellent surface quality and optimum metallurgical conditions. Pickled coils is the balanced choice between hot rolled coil and cold rolled coil. The cost advantage is more and more prominent in the industry manufacture sectors.

Application of pickled steel coil
Hot rolled pickled and oiled / hot rolled pickled and oiled steel is a developing steel product. At present, the market demand is mainly concentrated in the automotive industry, the compressor industry, the machinery manufacturing industry, the spare parts processing industry, the fan industry, the motorcycle industry, the steel furniture hardware accessories, the cabinet shelves, and the stamping parts of various shapes. With the advancement of technology, hot-rolled pickling plates have been involved in industries such as home appliance container electrical control cabinets, and the use of hot-rolled pickling plates instead of cold plates has developed rapidly in some industries.

Advantages of Pickled and Oiled Steel
1) The surface quality is good

2) The dimensional accuracy is high

3) Improve the surface finish and enhance the appearance.

4) It can reduce the environmental pollution caused by users' scattered pickling.

Compared with cold-rolled coils, the advantages of pickled and oiled steel is that they can effectively reduce the procurement cost under the premise of ensuring the surface quality requirements.

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