POE IP Audio System

POE PAsystemuses the existing Ethernet cat-5 wiring to transmit data signals for some IP

based terminals (such as IP network broadcast system terminals, speakers, speakers, etc.) and also provides

DC power supply technology for such devices. The wiring cost and power loss can be greatly reduced.

It contains POE network IP digital ceiling speaker, wall-mounted POE network IP digital speaker, POE network

IP digital waterproof column etc.

POE network digital IP speaker, as a simple one-way IP terminal, is mainly used in hotels, shopping malls,

supermarkets, leisure clubs, villas, scenic spots, stations, docks, airports, parks and other places.

Guangzhou DSPPAAudio Co., Ltd. is a professional audio manufacturer since1988. With more than 30 years' history of designing and manufacturing audio products, DSPPA has enjoyed a high reputation in and out of China. Technology innovations, strict quality and environment control (ISO 9001&ISO14000) and market-oriented products have made DSPPA to be the leading brand in the field of public address system and conference system. As the chief editor of the Technical Code for Public Address System Engineering of China, DSPPA is widely recognized as the largest and most professional audio equipment supplier in China.


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